Effortlessly hire and onboard employees across borders without the need to open a local entity

Focus on growing your business while we handle the entire process of employing employees on your behalf. With our solution, you can have dedicated team members working for you without the hassle of entity setup, payroll management, and compliance. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience as we take care of all the necessary details.

Wider Talent Pool

With strong coverage of local entities and expert local support, gain easy access to skilled professionals anywhere in the APAC region

Relieve yourself of liability concerns

We expertly manage all aspects of compliance, including contracts, minimum wage, terminations, and local laws, giving you a peace of mind.

Enable focus on growth

We manage the hard stuff like benefit administration, tax deductions, pensions, benefits, and government fees so you can focus on growing your business

Why choose Lab7 as Your Employer of Record?

100% Compliance

Compliance in Australia for legally hiring full-time overseas workers

International Benefits

Offering benefits draws top talent. Our EOR customizes benefits for Philippine-based employees, partnering with local providers for essentials like health insurance, and government statutory benefits.

Administration, Payroll & benefits distribution

An EOR will handle payroll processing, tax and benefits enrollment, as well as other administrative functions associated with hiring employees in the Philippines

HR & Employee Management

We offer HR attendance tracking, performance management, and consistent employee monitoring and reporting, ensuring efficient workforce management.

Employee Retention & Rewards Program

Our Employer of Record services focus on keeping your Philippine team engaged and motivated. We use tailored programs to enhance their work environment and boost productivity

Intellectual Rights to Work Done

Ensure the protection of your Intellectual Property (IP) by leveraging legally binding local employment contracts. These contracts safeguard your IP rights, giving you peace of mind when hiring internationally.

what makes us different

Our Solution

Employment Contracts

Integrity & trust

Payroll & Tax Administration

Cross-border Salary Payment

Employee Benefits

Worker Classification & Compliance Check

What is an EOR

EOR stands for “Employer Of Record”. It is a third-party organization that does hiring and payroll on behalf of businesses.

EOR enables clients to hire overseas’ talents from another country without the need to set up a local entity by themselves. As such, companies do not need to worry about violating the local employment laws of the country they intend to hire due to unfamiliarity with the local legal requirements.

With EOR’s help, companies can hire, manage and pay global employees according to their country’s currency seamlessly and compliantly.

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