How Our Unique Outsourcing Model Works

It is your team. With us, you can enjoy full transparency and control, while leaving concerns about facilities, operations, and regulations in our capable hands.

Quick Start Process

The Quick Start Process is designed to efficiently initiate outsourcing for your business.


Discovery Call

During a discovery call, the primary objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, its needs, and goals. The call typically begins with introductions and a brief overview of your company. Next, we delve into your current pain points, challenges, and the tasks that are hindering your productivity. We also discuss your objectives for outsourcing, including cost savings, expertise access, and scalability. By asking targeted questions, we identify potential areas for outsourcing and assess your readiness to engage external service providers. Throughout the conversation, we address any concerns you may have and provide insights into how outsourcing can benefit your business. Finally, we wrap up the call with a summary of the discussion and outline the next steps to move forward in the outsourcing process.



Following the discovery call, we support you throughout the recruitment process with these key steps:
Our hiring preferences focus on:
This comprehensive recruitment process ensures that we find the most qualified and suitable virtual assistants for your business needs.


In this stage, we ensure that your virtual assistants have the necessary resources and environment to thrive:
Additionally, we grant access to essential resources such as:

While we manage all the necessary aspects, you maintain the desired level of control over quality and productivity. In essence, we take care of everything locally, allowing you to concentrate solely on the business processes you want to operate in the Philippines.

It’s crucial to understand that the success of your virtual assistant or offshore team depends on your investment of time and effort in training them and familiarising them with your systems and processes. Our offshore management team is here to provide the back-end support to facilitate this process. If you don’t invest in building, nurturing, and sustaining your offshore team, your offshore investments might not achieve their full potential.

Looking to establish a committed team in the Philippines?