Flexible 'Bucket of Hours' Virtual Assistant Services

Pay As You Go, Adapt As You Grow

Enjoy our no-strings-attached approach – no monthly bills or binding contracts. Select a plan that suits you best, refill hours whenever you need, and feel free to switch plans anytime. We make flexibility easy, that’s the Lab7 VA way

Starter Package

A$ 17 per hour
  • Billed at A$340 for 20 hours of virtual assistant services

Growth Package

A$ 14 per hour
  • Billed at A$840 for 60 hours of virtual assistant services

Pro Package

A$ 12 per hour
  • Billed at A$1440 for 120 hours of virtual assistant services

Our Services

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Take Your Time

Your purchased hours remain valid for a full three months. As your VA carries out tasks, they’ll draw from this pool of hours

No Obligations

Say goodbye to contracts, additional charges, and hidden costs.


With our money-back guarantee, you have 60 days to claim a refund on any hours you haven’t used.

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